Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Kadang-kadang kita tak perasan ada orang memerhatikan kita dari pelbagai sudut.


Dan kadang-kadang kita perasan ada orang perhatikan kita.


Tapi tu semua kadang-kadang. Boleh jadi betul, boleh jadi tidak.


Pasal hidup kita taksama. Kita mungkin beli katil yang sama dekat IKEA,

Tapi mimpi setiap malam kita, berbeza.

Selamat malam. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Kita perempuan

We tend to have a very soft heart
Whenever people treat us nicely.

We tend to melt.

But make sure you are melted to the right person.

We tend to be fragile as well..
But we don't show it. 
We smile. We laugh. We talk to each other like nothing had ever happened to us. 
Inside us!

Before we sleep, we always said that we going to start fresh. Don't want to get involve lagi dah! 

Tapi kita perempuan..

Sampailah kita cakap dekat diri kita, 
he could have been a right choice but maybe he is not your destiny..

And late at night, we wish that we could touch anything with half of our heart. So that we are not soft-hearted, we don't melt, and fragile. 

Sebab kita perempuan..