Sunday, December 6, 2015

Berudu Pujaan Hati

Hi awak. A very happy birthday to you. First of all i would like to say sorry because i can't be there on your birthday and can't be there to celebrate your birthday. I know it breaks your heart but it breaks mine even harder. I just want you to know that i never try to be far from you. I also want you to know that you'll be the only person that I need to consider in anything that i do which related to you. You are so important to me. Knowing that only a month left for me to be with you is so heart breaking. I know this wishes should be a happy wishes instead, but i'm sorry. I couldn't stop myself to write it. Sometimes, i quite disappointed when you shout at me. Sometimes, i'm sad when you say something harsh. Sometimes, i wish i could not care about you and this what's describe our friendship. Afterall, no one could replace you 😔. Hmmm. Its hard for me to write this and it even harder to speak. Loving you is one of the best part that happen to me. Knowing you always be there for me through my thicks and thins was the great memories i had. Are we still going to be in this way? I pray hard for this. And today on your birthday, i want you to know that no matter where am I stand, you are the one who push me hard to walk. You are the person that i never wanted to forget. If i could turn back time, i wish i could spend more time with you. Ingat, saya takkan pernah lupa awak walau kita akan kurang berjumpa. Sayang saya takkan pernah kurang. Bukan sebab awak baik terhadap saya tapi kita memang ditakdirkan untuk berkawan. I want you to be strong. Please. Because if you crash down, i do feel it as well so tell me how am i gonna live? I need you to fight. Allah put us together so that I could teach you how to live. And now its time for me to let you decide and live your life. Whenever you need me, i always there for you. Now, i give you my trust for you to live your own life, hasmira. And now i'm watching you from a far..... It is not easy for me, I swear. But i pretend it so that you don't show your sad face in front of me. 

People grow. I want you to be the change, as well. Do not just sit and watch. If you want it real, do it. You are the greatest treasure i have. Marah saya, perli saya bukan suka suka. Awak kena berjaya.

Once again. Happy birthday awak. Sayang takpayah saya cakap. Takterkata. Asal awak tahu. Tempat awak dalam hati saya takkan pernah ada siapasiapa isi melainkan awak.

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