Friday, November 13, 2015

From a friend, to a friend.

A: At one point, i'm so heartbroken. Because i think that he/she stole all my happiness and take that all with them. And now he/she share it with another person. And i'm half way failed. That is why i thought I can't be happy, i'm tired. But i believe that it is not going to end here.

B: since you know that he/she is totally a jerk. More reason for you to never think of the sweet memories. Imagine this, you were so disappointed and I know that he/she is not sorry for what they did. And he/she is totally happy with their action. So does he/she worth all of your disappointment? Not at all. 

You may have loss this relationship because of "it - refer to the source of problem" but remember.. You are having a better life with no one mistreating you because of "it - refer to the source of problem" as well.. You don't have to feel disappointed with what happened. He/she was so proud with their action and you should proud with yourself too. Because you had managed to move on from the jerk.. And the "thing - refer to the source of problem" is still stuck with him/her. And ya know what, karma will arrive soon enough. Its not that we're praying for the bad things to happen, but it is just how the life works.

And CORRECTION!!! He/she didn't steal your happiness baby! They gave you the best happiness ever without any stress coming from them and you have become the new independent person. don't think it negatively. keep yourself positive.

::So this is a random conversation between friends. This is what we called a friend. The one who said what you need to hear instead of what you want to hear. The most important is that, friends give positive vibes to another friends. ::