Friday, May 28, 2010

LIfe is Karma

Well.. while i'm busy FB-ing.. i saw sumthing in my homepage tat makes me touchings.. a post from someone I know.. its truely deeply true!! my heart suddenly push my fingers to commented on the post..

"It is from Kak Anim ~ The only thing we can take with us in the afterlife, aprt from our deeds and sins, are our spouse and children.. masya Allah. See how pure a marriage and family is? So, hormat la rumahtangga n keluarga org lain, cuz benda tu sampai ke syurga.. bukan dunia semata2."

And i'm tearly when she reply my comment and said

"kalau kita asik fikir apa yg org selalu buat kat kita.. mmg sedih sepanjang masa la nampaknya mia.. yg penting, kita kena jaga perlakuan kita, batasan kita, maruah kita.. apa org lain nak buat kat kita tu, let Allah deal with them. janji, mia dah hormat org, n dah buat apa yg mia rasa dalam lingkungan tggjwb mia..

cuz, what goes around does come around.. Allah Maha Adil. tp, biarla balasan tu dtg dari Allah terus, bukan dari kita.. k?



life is not life, if there are no problems. ...

thats why we have been given the Qur'an, as our guidance"
well.. tat is so true.. when im seeing this post i just smile ;).. n said thanks kak anim.. ;)

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